Alberto Oscarelli Photography

Born in Aosta (Italy), Alberto started taking an interest in photography during the late nineties while rollerblading as a sponsored street skater for Bauer and then Salomon. His father Gino, was a proficient landscape photographer and therefore it was only natural for him to make the transition and move behind the camera. In the meantime his interest in music also brought him to national fame as keyboardist and Dj for Altered Beats, Associated Scratch and, most importantly, DaRi under EMI Records.

Alberto moved to the US in 2006 and since then he has traveled all over the world, capturing an incredible collection of images from various countries such as Thailand, Australia, Greece, Vietnam, Japan, and Spain just to name a few. The cultural diversity and artistry gained from these experiences is evident and plays a major role as an inspiration for his award-winning Fashion projects and editorials.

After living in Las Vegas and Dallas, Alberto now resides in glamorous New York City, Mecca of the Fashion World.





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