Matt Simpkins Photography

Matt is a New York based photogrpher wtih over 10 years of professional experience and is particularly skilled in showing a performer's versatility.

As a performer himself, getting to meet and work with so many talented artists is one of Matt's favorite aspects of headshot photography. Like most, photography started years ago as just a creative hobby, but it wasn't long before he discovered the ability to capture people at their best.

His background as a performer enables him to help his clients figure out how to market themselves, how to use their photos are marketing tools, and how it can be a huge difference in your success. A good headshot not only represents what you look like, but captures a very real moment into who you are. This moment is what Matt Simpkin's Photography strives to get out of its clients on every shoot. The #1 goal is to discover the aspect that makes a casting director scream "I want to get to know them!"





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